Rancho Aroma in the Dominican Republic has
dedicated to milk  production for forty years.  It has
inseminated with high quality U.S. & Israeli semen for
thirty years to produce genetically superior milk
producing Registered Holstein and Brown Swiss
cattle.  Rancho Aroma is in Monte Plata,  the milk
producing area of the country.
The grade of dairy herds has been improved by the
introduction of Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey, Brown
Swiss, Ayrshire, and Shorthorn strains, and work
cattle have been crossbred with Zebu or Brahman
types. In spite of this, the local market cannot supply
the demand, and the Island must depend on the
importation of dairy products.
The land is capable of producing pineapples, passion
fruit, cacao, minor subsistence crops such as
platanos, bananas, and grasses, life-stock products,
chickens and dairy production. The agriculture of the
Dominican Republic is specialized and commercial,
devoted to cattle, and crops which can be sold in the
United Stat

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The Israeli and United States Agricultural Department  established thirty
years ago in the Island a dairy management and dairy insemination
program  to better the genetics of the Dominican dairy cattle; the cattle
genetics has progressed considerably.

The government extension programs with the U.S., Israeli, Japanese,
Costa Rican, imported agricultural and veterinarian professionals to  
improve the livestock by introducing better breeds of cattle.  The
agricultural and veterinarian extension service has been of great benefit in
bringing research information to the farmers. The various government who
have provided trained personnel to all agricultural enterprises, private and
public have help in the agricultural development and superior quality  
grade A milk produced by the dairy farmers.

The Government maintains a number of veterinarians at the service of the
livestock owners, and a systematic and well-coordinated campaign is in
force for the control of dairy diseases. Fertilization of the soils is being
used for nearly all-important crops.  Soil studies are carried on to increase
the efficient use of land through fertilization and conservation methods,
and survey of the soil is an on going study.   
Registered Holstein with Calf
Holstein Heifers
Pregnant Holstein Heifers
Holstein Cow in front of Stable
Cows feeding in Stable