View of road inside the farm

Size: 3,280-tareas, 204 hectare -
504 Acres Titled Surveyed Land
Square Meters: 2,037,960
2-1/2 mile of road frontage
Roads to and from the farm are
asphalt and concrete paved for
vehicular traffic
Features: 1 mile Riverfront, Boya
Location: 5 km North from Monte
Santo Domingo:  45 minutes; 63
km (39 Miles)
Airport: 70 km (43.4 miles)
Beach: 75 km (46.6 miles)
Telephone line:  Cellular phone
    Dominican Republic Ranch "Rancho Aroma" Plants 10,000 Arcacia
    Trees For Carbon Offsets & Carbon Sequestration.
We are organizing and collaborating with other dairy farmers to built Anaerobic
Digester's for Manure Methane Capture/Use. The bio-gas produced will be used
as an alternate source of energy for the farms electrical consumption, and to
lower methane emissions in the Dominican Republic.

Rancho Aroma Description
Rancho Aroma offers the most beautiful landscape in a ranch setting in Monte
Plata, Dominican Republic with tropical green grasses for grazing cows. This
3,280-tareas, 204 hectare or 504 Acres Titled Surveyed Land dairy farm located
27 miles  to Sto. Dgo. Airport. The ranch has its own aqueduct. The Boya River
runs thought the farm; there is always plenty of water, with a one-mile riverfront.
The views are breathtaking, one can see mountains, valleys, ridges, and hills. It
has a reinforced concrete architectural designed house on premises features 3
large Br's, 2.5 baths, a chef’s eat in kitchen, LR, DR, and a wrap around covered
porch surrounds the house. Solar hot water heater, and the  recapturing of rain
waters into storage tanks. Cross ventilation, wrap around covered porch
surrounds the house for passive cooling. A one-story house with sweeping
mountain views.

We want to preserve this 500 Acres farm as a tropical
forest. We dedicated to cattle farming for the past 48
years. RANCHO AROMA has been an influential voice for
conservation and the betterment of the  environment
since its founding in 1962.
Help us restore our forests which are important for
endangered wildlife, clean water, and carbon
sequestration .Rancho Aroma farm is a forest setting with
gorgeous views of mountains and wildlife.

Support our efforts by helping us reach our Goal of
Planting "100 Thousand Tree" Planting  Campaign  
Contact Angelica Redpath-Perez:   860-707-5252


3 Natural Tropical Forest - 2 miles² each
10,000-plus Arcacia  Hand planted Trees
500 Mango trees
20 Acres of Tropical Forest
10 Acres of Plantation
2 acres plantain plantation - 500 trees
20 Acres of Various Biologically Rich Habitat
The River is Just Minutes From the House
Scores of Cascades and Natural Bathing Pools by the rivers
1 Mile of Year-Round Creeks
Planting of Mahogany, Oak, fruit trees
100-Bird Species (Compared with 505 for All of North America)
Peacocks, guinea hens, guise, and parrots, among scores of other
Quality of soil (1 = Good, 2 = Normal, 3 = Rocky):
Mountain views:  Yes
Slopping hills: Yes
Public Transportation
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200 milking cows, 80 heifers, 100
250 Brazilian Cebu beef cattle
14 Berber & Spanish Jennet breed
4,000 ft² concrete reinforced
building for milking parlor
machinery with 10 Turbo-air fans
Milk Machine:  16-cow fish design
mechanized  milk parlor stalled fully
Three milk storage stainless steel
tanks 10,000, 800, 500 gallons
1000 ft² reinforced concrete cow
bathing building with 48 jets with a  
5 hp water pump

25,834 ft² reinforced concrete
stable for feeding 350 cows. With
10 Turbo-air  fans and water
misting system sprinkles to keep
cows cool
Tractors fit in feeding  building to
automatically feed herd
4 stables reinforced concrete
floor and feeders - 1200 ft² each
with capacity to feed 80 cows
3 Cabins for Laborers
One reinforced concrete house
for laborers can sleep 10.
1 Aqueduct with 20,000 gallons capacity
4 - 200 ft. Underground water wells with  
reinforced concrete sleeves- water is free of
55 reinforced concrete water storage-supply
each with a 600 gallons capacity for cows to
drink fresh water while grazing  
12,000 gallons/hour capacity pump in the
river  with reinforce concrete storage shed
200 - 4 inch PVC irrigation system
7 water hydrants  with 12,000 gallons/water
capacity for irrigation system

2 New John Deere 6 cylinder Tractors
2 Hay Choppers and loader for cutting
grasses and hay in field with tractor
One hay packing French machine with a 20
rolls-1,300 Lbs. Capacity
Hay bailer - 40 Lbs. Capacity
Manure storage reinforced concrete 60,000
gallons capacity  system with a 32,000
gallons / hour pump, with 4 hp motor to stir
manure. This system is connected to the
irrigation system

Electricity:  Three Phase electric company
2- Electrical Generators: 110 and  60
Kilowatts Onan brand gasoline-powered
E-mail address:
Phone number:
View front of house
Front of house