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Rancho Aroma In the Dominican Republic was
established in 1962, family owned and operated. We
are organizing and working with the dairy farmers on
methane capturing strategies for the use of  bio-gas
for energy consumption in the electrical usage and to
lower methane emissions in the DR.

The ranch’s land is rich with grasses for cattle
raising, virgin tropical forests, amazing lush green
surroundings, magnificent views, and cascading river.
The land is admirably suited for many types of
agriculture.  The diversity in climate, topography, and
soils practically can be appropriate for every type of
agricultural or pastoral activity that can be carried in
this tropical island.

Since its early days, the Dairy Industry in the
Dominican Republic has been an important aspect in
the development of the agricultural sector in the
country.  Dairy farming has been transformed into an
industrialized system, creating optimal integration
between the production unit (the cow), technologies
and equipment (engineering), the operator (the
farmer) and the production environment (the dairy

Producing more milk with less dairy cows improves
the economic performance of the farm unit and
drastically reduces the ecological imbalance in the

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Milking Parlor fully automatic
View from back of house
View from back of House
Stable feeds 350 cows

Rancho Aroma located in one of the most picturesque places on
the island, this farm is 3,280-tareas, 204 hectare or 504 Acres of
fertile soil an undiscovered paradise. Located only 25 minutes
from the airport; 63 km (39 Miles) from Santo Domingo City. The
river is 800-years old, many tropical trees, tropical naturally
growing plants,  flowers of all species in the areas bordering the
river.  The ranch has an assortment of gorgeous palms, coconut
trees, animal sanctuary, bird sanctuary, forest walks,  horse
stables and horse riding trails. Enjoy the pleasures of nature and
the great outdoors at Rancho Aroma.  The land has been
developed with all the major amenities needed in a ranch
including, four stables to feed 80 cows each, state of the art new
stable which feeds 350 cows, large warehouses for grain storage,
houses for employees, irrigation system,  road network water
distribution network and landscaping.
Cows grazing in the fields
Cow-interior farm road
Cows grazing in field
Boya River-runs through farm